Sonrisa – give life a smile and it will give it

Healthy and well-maintained teeth are a
prerequisite for a beautiful life full of self-
confidence. In the Sonrisa clinic, you will feel
comfortable and relaxed with our professional
and friendly dentists. We will put a smile back
on your face that you can’t wait to show off.

Dental clinic Novi Sad


,,Wisdom tooth surgery went very well,
intervention finished much faster than I
anticipated. All my recommendations go to
the team of ,, Sonrisa’’ clinic.’’

Vanja Lukavac

,, Dr Natalija Stojiljkovic made my stay in the
dental clinic ,,Sonrisa’’ painless and very
comfortable. This clinic is my go-to dental
clinic, and dr Stojiljkovic has my full trust
when it comes to health of my family’s
,,My four-year-old daughter is looking forward
to every visit to the dentist. In, Sonrisa’’ we
found quality, special approach to a child and
a lot of patience which is very much needed
when working with little patients. I
recommend this clinic from the bottom of my

Maja Jurkovic

,, We were lucky enough to live close to the
dental clinic ,,SONRISA’’. We knew that the
doctors were young and perspective and we
decided to do a check-up. My husband had a
surgery of the wisdom tooth, that was
successfully done and finished by doctor
Srdjan. Dental care of our children’s teeth was

confided to our dear dr Natalija, who is
unbelievably patient and nice… she turned
our kids first encounter with a dentist into an
adventure… first meeting with the dentist
successfully done! Now we are running to our
doctors to ,,SONRISA’’ with a smile on our
faces. Thank you for taking care of our family

Visnja Furtula

“Only a man who is happy can create
happiness in others.”

Paulo Coelho

Are you ready to smile?