Dental repairs and treatment

Caries (cavities) repairs and filling placement

Team of the dental clinic ,,Sonrisa’’ pays special attention to early detection of cavities, training to maintain proper oral hygiene as well as educating patients about the importance of regular dental examinations. Early detection of cavities allows us to painlessly stop the development of cavities and preserve tooth function with minimal loss of tooth substance. The tooth is prepared, the cavity is completely removed from the diseased part of the tooth, and then the lost part of the tooth structure is compensated with composite fillings.  We perform dental repairs with the application of local anesthesia, so the intervention itself is completely painless.

Nerve extraction and root canal treatment

When cavities are not detected on time, bacteria can cause inflamation of the tooth nerve or bone tissue around the root. Tooth in this fase usually has pronounced symptoms like spontanious pain without any previous irritation, gum swelling and fistulas above the top of the root. Rarely, it can be asimptomatic, so the dentist can only see the problem on an x-ray image.

A tooth with a cavity requires cleaning and desinfection of the root canal, or so called endodontic treatment. Root canal cleaning can be done by using a special type of a machine or by hand using very thin needles, depending on the assesment of our dentist. After the thorough cleaning and rinsing the root canal, special pastes and Gutta-percha fillings are used to fill in the tooth so it stays hermetically sealed. This way reenfection and bacteria reaching the root canal is avoided.

Only properly repaired tooth is a tooth with a good prognosis!