Aesthetic dentistry

Dental clinic “Sonrisa” successfully provides following services in aesthetic dentistry:

Ceramic veneers

Ceramic veneers are individually-computer designed  thin ceramic flakes, which cover the front surface and te cutting edge of the teeth. With this conteporary method you can adjust shape, colour, position and visibility of the front teeth, in order to achieve the perfect apperance of the dentition.

If you want to regain self-confidence, then veneers are the ideal solution for you.


What are the advantages of ceramic veneers?


  • Correction of the teeth shape
  • Correction of the teeth colour
  • Correction of the teeth position
  • Teeth diastema closure
  • Minimally invasive method that involves minimal or no removal of the teeth materia
  • Simple and painless procedure
  • Colour fastness of the ceramic veneers during time
  • Top of the line aesthetic results thanks to the quality of the materials they are made from
  • Mechanical properties that provide excellent resistance in the mouth
  • Personal design and precise making in a dental laboratory using 3D technology



Whether it is a slightly changed position of the teeth or a changed color, these aesthetic shortcomings can be compensated by the use of ceramic veneers, which give extraordinary aesthetic results. A scanned model is made from the dental impression of your teeth, and flakes are made by computer that uses most contemporary 3D machines. Special advantage of this method is that it doesn’t include any kind of aggressive drilling to the teeth, only taking off a thin layer of the enamel.

Zirconium dental crowns

You can find more information about zirconia dental crowns HERE.

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is one of the procedures that patients are most intersted in the last couple of years. In our clinic you can get a one session teeth whitening procedure, which is performed in-office,  with a higher concetrated level of the whitening chemicals . Also, you can get a multi-session whitening procedure with lower concetrated level of whitening chemiclas, that are perfomed at home. The one session procedure in-office takes about an hour. Previously, it’s very important to protect the gums with a special gel (gingiva protector) and after that safe teeth whitening can be approached.

Teeth whitening after nerve extraction (root canal procedure)

Do you have a tooth that has darkened after the nerve is extracted and that prevents you from smiling the way you would like? Don’t worry, there is a solution to your problem!


Teeth that went trough endodontic therapy (root canal), can in time change colour and they can become darker. If that happens their colour can be slightly or very different from the colour of the other teeth.

If that is the case with you, don’t worry, because there is a solution. The procedure of whitening an individual tooth consists in removing the existing filling from the tooth, applying whitening chemical inside the tooth for a few days, after which the chemical is removed, and a new filling is placed on the tooth that has brightened. The results are truly phenomenal!