Aesthetic skin treatments

PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma)

PRP is a method of obtaining platelet-enriched plasma by centrifuging the patient’s blood (platelet-reach plasma). Blood plasma extracted in this way has a much bigger number of platelets than the same amount of patients’ blood.

How does it work?

Considering the fact that the platelets contain growth factors, they contribute to the formation of new collagen, elastane and blood vessels, as to regeneration of all layers of the skin and subcutaneous tissue, which leads to slower aging. The results are visible after three weeks in terms of improving the texture and turgor of the skin, the skin becomes velvety, hydrated, and the complexion more beautiful.

Cellular matrix

Cellular matrix is a combination of PRP and hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic hydrates and regenerates the skin, continuing the effects of PRP itself. The combined action of these two substances yields phenomenal results, and the effects of regeneration are further enhanced.


Mesotherapy is one of the leading antiage procedures. It dates back to 1952, when it was developed by a famous French doctor Michel Pistor. Mesotherapy is a minimally invasive technique (non-surgical) which uses micro needles to inject nurturing (combination of hyaluronic acid, vitamins and different minerals) cocktails in the middle layer of the skin (mesoderm). This way, skin is nurtured, rejuvenated and regenerated, microcirculation is boosted and collagen and elastane production are stimulated. The structure of the skin is improved, and the face will look fresh and hydrated. Mesotherapy is not only an anti-age treatment. It is used to solve problems with stretch marks, hyperpigmentation, scars and hair renewal as well. Results achieved by applying this method are great.


Biorevitalization, or natural revitalization of the skin, is an injection method which hydrates, rejuvenates, enlightens and evens skin complexion. Men and women are using it equally. Skin ages over the years, and the production of tissue structural components (collagen, elastane, hyaluronic acid) becomes much slower. By injecting special preparations based on hyaluronic acid or DMAE in the skin, it improves tone, becomes hydrated and fibroblasts are stimulated to produce collagen and elastane. The structure of the skin in general is renewed. Based on the problem that needs to be solved, a doctor decides which preparation will be used. Hyaluronic acid injected this way is a natural substance that is already in our body.

Biorevitalization improves the color of our skin, makes it smoother and softer, reduces hyperpigmentation (spots) and helps in scar tissue treatment.


Lipolysis is a treatment for breaking down localized fat cells by injecting certain substances into the fat tissue. By applying these preparations, fat cells gradually break down, get naturally absorbed and excreted. Main active substance that is most commonly used is phosphatidylcholine. Results are remarkable, and there is no bouncing back to the previous state, because once decomposed, the cell cannot recover.